GAPS Geo-textile (coco mesh)

GAPS Geo-textile (coco mesh)

GAPS Geo-textile (coco mesh)
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• Landscaping or roadsides

• Slopes

• Roadside

• Natural regeneration sites

• Mining

• Coastal areas with high winds

• Wetlands and riparian slopes

• Can be fastened with a “u” shaped pin


• Promotes growth of new plants

• Reduces soil erosion

• Retains moisture

• 100% Biodegradable

• Lasts up to five years with optimum seasonal conditions


• Roll size 2 x 25m

• Area covered 50m2

• Thickness Light: 4.27mm Medium: 7.97mm Heavy: 9.12mm

• Flow velocity Light: 2.5m/sec Medium: 3m/sec Heavy: 4.7m/sec

• Tensile strength Light: 1208 x 690kg/m Medium: 1608 x 746kg/m Heavy: 2450 x 990kg/m

• Weight Light: 400gsm Medium: 620gsm Heavy: 900gsm

• Density material Light: 62% Medium: 57% Heavy: 41%

Areas Covered

All of the United States

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