Coir Logs

An environmentally friendly alternative to hay bales and expensive Rip Raps or cement stabilisation techniques, Coir Fibre Logs are ideal for constructing check structures, managing changes in stream flow velocity, shaping channels and stabilising shorelines. A natural planting medium for vegetation and made from 100% coir (coconut) fibre, Coir Fibre Logs are a totally biodegradable material that lasts up to four years. They are easily installed and will blend naturally into the environment over time.

GAPS Geo-Textile (coco mesh)

Coir matting is a 100% biodegradable natural coconut fibre product with an open weave. It is spun and woven for extra strength and will last longer than equivalent jute matting products.

When used with vegetation it is mechanically strong enough to hold slopes together even after heavy rain. Also promotes the growth of new plants and stops the topsoil from drying out and damaging new growth.

Coir matting resists temperature and wind extremes while retaining humidity and reducing soil erosion.

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