About Coconut Coir Pith

• Alternative to Peat Moss and is Used in the Garden.

• Coco Coir Bricks Consist of the Coarse Coir Fibers Extracted from the Husk On the Outer Shell of a Coconut

• Coconut Coir Bricks Are 100% Natural

• Coconut Coir Bricks Are Increasingly Used as A Growing Medium by Commercial Greenhouse Operations.

• Coconut Coir Pith Has Superior Water Holding Capacity, Excellent Air Space and High Nutrient Content

• Coconut Coir Pith is Useful in Modern Hydroponics and as A Soil Amendment for Potted Plants, Containers and Gardens

• When Coconut Coir Pith Is Incorporated in the Soil (40% - 60%,), Your Plants Will Require Less Fertilizers, Develop More Elaborate and Stronger Root Systems, are More Resistant to Disease, Pathogens, and Weeds.

Coir Advantages

• An Affordable Price for A Quality Product with an Environmentally Sustainable Future

• Coconut Coir Pith Can Be Combined with Any of the Normal Ingredients and Use as A Mixer or A Stand-Alone Product

• Coconut Coir Pith Is Very Slow to Disintegrate; It Only Begins to Break Down When It is 10 Years Old, Long Term Benefits

• Coconut Coir Pith Very Light and Easy to Handle

• Easy to Use! Just Put Your Compressed Coco Peat Brick in A Container, add 4 Quarts of Water and Let It Sit Until the Water Is Absorbed, Fluff It Up and You Are Ready to Use Coco Peat

• Great Bedding Material for Worm Bins! It's Actually Good for Them and Increases Worm Growth by 25%

• Holds 8-9 Times Its Weight in Water

• It Has a PH of 5.2-6.8, Which Is Neutral to Slightly Acidic

• Release Nutrients to Plants for Extended Periods of Time, Promoting Healthy Root Development.

• Resistant to Bacterial and Fungal Growth 

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